Referred to the fat, what can you think of?The thick fat, attractive cream, or delicious fried chicken? Fat every day will have on our table, attitude toward fat is also different.With the

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Referred to the fat, what can you think of?The thick fat, attractive cream, or delicious fried chicken? Fat every day will have on our table, attitude toward fat is also different.With the development of society, the popularity of nutritional knowledge, some people in order to try to stop but cannot give up once the high-fat diet, strict schedule every day three meals a day, eat a little afraid of fat; there are people who uphold the timely enjoy attitude, can't resist fat distribute attractive taste, think to eat again, what hypertension coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood fat, I also far from it, and don't eat too late in the.The parents of these attitudes, is also very natural to the child table, but these attitudes have any effect on the healthy growth of children will be?
Fat is one of the essential nutrients in body, which is a kind of composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen consisting of three elements of organic compound.It is with protein, carbohydrates are the capacity of the three nutrients, on the supply of human energy plays an important role in.Per gram of fat have energy most, in three large capacity of nutrients in the top of the list, to the infant's growth to provide sufficient energy.Fat but also for the growth and development of children to provide essential nutrients.Fat provides infant growth are essential fatty acids, and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, promote its growth and intellectual development.Because fat can increase the food flavor and taste of food, is soft, and present an inviting sense, so the kids for food rich in fat more easily apparently interested in.But the above two for fat.
Saturated fatty acids mainly exist in animal fats , such as lard , butter , cream , butter , there is an important role for elevated blood cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease , but also lead to some chronic . Not saturated fatty acids are mostly present in vegetable oils and fish oil, fresh fish has a protective role for cardiovascular disease , eating unsaturated fats instead of saturated fat in the diet , is good for your health. And unsaturated fatty acids family also contains a class required by the human body , they can not be used by other substances in the body synthesis can not be transformed into each other, must be ingested from food, called essential fatty acids.essential fatty acids found primarily in vegetable oil, freshwater fish , maintain the nutrients essential to life , is a structural component of cell membranes , brain and nerve in the major lipid, is essential for the normal growth of the infant . Essential fatty acid deficiency can cause the infant growth delay, but seldom occurrence of extreme lack of phenomenon . Lack of sufficient especially because the general diet containing grains, seeds , nuts , leafy vegetables and fish a balanced diet can provide all the essential fatty acids , essential fatty acids can be avoided completely reasonable diet.
Some of the parents to their children can grow up healthily, it would bring the child to add a variety of nutritional supplements.But the child in a normal diet, daily food intake can completely meet the requirement for growth and development, rely too much on nutritional supplements, it will affect the health of children.Fish oil is a rich source of EPA, DHA, for the retina, brain and other functions have an important role, some parents will be in accordance with the advertising to children to buy all kinds of fish, but we have to say is nutritional supplements for the lack of such nutrients are prepared, in the food nutrition supplements before should determine whether the true lack of.And excessive consumption of fish oil may be dangerous, because the brain will give priority to intake and we do not understand the consequences of what is.Therefore the fish-oil supplements prices are also very expensive, but still the best choice is eating fresh fish in daily life.
 For infants and young children, it is necessary to guarantee a certain amount of fat intake , thus ensuring the intake of essential fatty acids necessary for growth and development , while at the same time to prevent obesity and other health problems caused by eating too much fat . According to the recommendations of the Chinese Dietary Reference Intakes (Chinese DRIs) , suitable for infants and young children of 0-3 years old fat intake : the energy provided by dietary fat should account for 30% of the daily intake of total energy - 50%. If the normal dietary intake of fat is no more than the recommended amount , will not have an adverse effect on the health of the child , as well as benefits . From a health point of view , nutrition experts recommend suitable premise fat intake, animal fat intake should be minimized.
It should be noted that in everyday life , a few points : 1 ) minimize due to seasoning , cooking oil , and try to use peanut oil , soybean oil , olive oil and other vegetable oils instead of animal oil. 2 ) reduce red meat intake , and preferably lean instead of fat . Eat more vegetables , beans , noodles , balanced daily meal . 3 ) light cooking methods , such as with baking , boiling, frying, microwave cooking instead fried , reducing fat intake . 4) caution fish oil supplements , more natural fish - based . 5 ) Eat less butter, sandwich crackers and other foods containing trans fatty acids . 6 ) to buy food , you can reference goods nutrition labeling , which control the excessive intake of fat .
               Article Source: Chinese Nutrition Society
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