Amway ( China) Co. Ltd.
Amway ( China) Co. Ltd. , established in 1992 , is a Sino-US cooperation in large-scale production enterprise . Its parent company , Amway Corporation was foun

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Amway ( China) Co. Ltd.

Amway ( China) Co. Ltd.
     Amway ( China) Co. Ltd. , established in 1992 , is a Sino-US cooperation in large-scale production enterprise . Its parent company , Amway Corporation was founded in 1959 , is the world's leading consumer goods manufacturers and vendors , and currently operates in more than 80 countries and regions.
Amway ( China ) officially opened in April 1995 , will be a wide range of high-quality consumer products for the China market , and in July 1998 , the National Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department , the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Administration, the State Internal Trade Bureau official approved , own shops and employment salesman mode transformation operations . Currently, Amway ( China ) through the major cities of the country more than 50 shops and marketing personnel to provide customers with quality products and excellent service.
Amway ( China ), a total investment of $ 100 million , in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone , with an area of 58,000 square meters at a cost of $ 65 million large-scale modern production base , the annual production value of $ 450 million . Amway ( China ) is the first domestic Japanese industry to obtain the ISO9002 international quality certification , Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone , Guangzhou Foreign Economic and Trade Commission is recognized as an " advanced technology enterprise ".
Amway (China) head office is located in Guangzhou's most modern commercial buildings - CITIC Square 40 and 41 layer, since the purchase of property.In addition to the Guangzhou office, Amway (China) in Beijing and Shanghai respectively, with offices, the tubes are distributed in 22 provinces and 4 municipalities directly under the central government of the store operation.Amway (China) also attaches great importance to the day-to-day production management and operation of the service and other aspects of the application of advanced science and technology strength, only in the computer system and supporting the expansion of equipment, the total investment has more than 80000000 yuan, realize the production procedures, the procedures, inventory management, document processing and communication computer.
With the integrity of the investment, pragmatic management, quality products and sincere service, Amway (China) obtained a government sector to a number of awards, including: advanced technology enterprises, civilized enterprise, star enterprise, advanced collectives in Guangzhou City, the building of spiritual civilization advanced units, advanced enterprises with foreign investment, the national Shuangyou enterprises with foreign investment.In the national foreign trade and economic cooperation selection 1997/98 annual Chinese top 500 foreign investment enterprises, Amway (China) ranked ninety-seventh.
Active in expanding the business at the same time, Amway (China), has been insisting to operate pursuant to chapter tax, not only to pay, norm and sales behavior related to value-added tax, consumption tax and other taxes, also on the sales representative sales behavior related to implement the withholding of business tax and income tax.As of 2001 July, Amway (China) paid a total of national and Regional Taxation Bureau of tax of more than RMB 17 billion, and to obtain the Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City State Taxation Bureau awarded "exemplary taxpayer households", "high tax" and the glorious title.

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