Event Overview

Event Overview

The 11th INIE China Food Exhibition has successful concluded in Beijing and the imported food has already been an indispensable part of INIE

On 26th – 28th October 2020, the 11th INIEChina Food Exhibition (Namely: INIEHigh-end Food & Beverage Exhibition), which is co-sponsored by the China National Food Industry Association,Chinese Nutrition Society,International Union of Nutritional Sciences,China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, Chinese Cereals and Oils Association --Food branch, Yonghong International Exhibition Co., Ltd., has been grandlyheld in Beijing – China’s capital.More than 600 exhibitors from home and abroad co-took participate in the exhibition with up to 35,000 square meters exhibition area and 100,000 professional audience. INIE demonstrated once again that only INIE China Food Exhibition can truly represent the Chinese food exhibition.

Theproportion of imported products in the7th INIE China Food Exhibition is as high as 35%. The imported foods are widely welcomedby the majority of Chinese consumers for its higher quality, more fashionable taste. Since the foundation of the INIE China Food Exhibition, the exhibiting proportion of imported food has increased year by year, and the facts fully demonstrates that the imported food has already been an indispensable part of INIE.

Imported food will further win the Chinese marketin the coming days, and more imported food are welcomed by Chinese consumers to improve the quality of life

China's imported foods generally include: red wine, olive oil, milk products, coffee, chocolate, all kinds of health food and a variety of snack foods. In recent years, along with the further deepening of international exchanges, morecharacteristic foreign foods poured into the Chinese market. That some meat, staple food products and production technology can be seen in China's large and medium cities are not uncommon, more internationally characteristic stores can be seen everywhere and many international business districts have established a supermarket that specializes in the sale of imported food.Imported food will further win the Chinese market in the coming days, and more imported food are welcomed by Chinese consumers to improve the quality of life.

Statistics of previous INIE China Food Exhibitions show that in the previous exhibitions, imported food can be divided into six categories and more than 300 varieties. The Organizing Committee of the 8th INIE China Food Exhibition predicts that more imported food will be exhibited in this session of exhibition. The participation of the imported foods in Chinese Food Exhibition is also the needs for development.

Nine imported foods will jointly constitute the International exhibition area of the 11th INIE China Food Exhibition

The 8th INIE China Food Fair (ie, the 8th INIE High-End Food & Beverage Fair) will be held in China's capital Beijing from ,2020, since the work of the 11th INIE Conference Organizing Committee Food products such as snack foods, olive oil, red wine, milk products, high-end beverages, coffee chocolate, health food, staple food kitchen, specialty food and other nine kinds of imported food will join hands to participate in the exhibition. This event, the import food exhibition will exceed 10,000 square meters.

The 8th INIE China Food Exhibition is rooted in China and radiates to the globe. The exhibition event we offered is a boutique exhibition as well as a developing exhibition.The Organizing Committee warmly invites more imported foods to enter the Chinese market, contributing to the enrichment of the Chinese food consumption market,and we are willing to achieve a win-win situation through our cooperation and communication.

INIE demonstrates with strength that only the China Food Exhibition can represent China's food exhibition

In the current period, there are many food exhibitions within China, among which only INIE China International High-end food and beverage exhibition is the real Chinese Food Exhibition.In addition to INIE, any other exhibition cannot be called the China Food Exhibition.

As an international food exhibitionwith high-end positioning and service, the reason why INIE can represent China is that this exhibition has three unique advantages.

1. INIE China Food Exhibition is the onlyindustry brand event held in the capital of Beijing and approved by the national ministries and commissions within China. In addition, other similar exhibitions do not have this advantage.

2. INIE China Food Exhibition is an industry brand event with highest specification and best efficiency. In respect of the number of well-known enterprises and the level of leadership taking participate in the exhibition, the other domestic similar exhibitionscannot be mentioned in the same breath.

3. INIE China Food Exhibition is an fashionable event with high-end positioning and service. Although there are other similar exhibitions held in China every year, it is an indisputable fact that such positioning cannot be achieved.

  • Time:2020 October 28 - 30
  • location:Chinese International Exhibition Center
  • INIE China Famous Tea and Teaism Expo day
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